"Corporate Social Responsability"

G.E.T has achieved a sustainable office thanks to the implementation of a plan with technological, organizational and physical improvements, which are oriented to reduce the environmental impact and increase efficiency as well as the comfortableness of the team. Do you want to know about these improvements?

Self-consumption photovoltaic installation at our terrace.Terraza con pérgola fotovoltaica

Our self-consumption photovoltaic installation at our terrace gives shade in Spring and Summer and it has allowed us to create a new working and resting space. It also produces electricity to supply part of the office needs as well, and besides, we have reduced CO2 emissions to the atmosphere by 33% (the equivalent to 294 trees absorbing CO2). 

We use sustainable and local materials and furniture.

We have used recycled and compressed wood as acoustic insulation in some of our working rooms. Our office lays on perimeter walls and pillars made of non-proccessed concrete and our underfloor heating system is made of reinforced concrete.

A dehumidifying system lowers the relative humidity, which is usually very high in this area, to refresh the air. The forced ventilation system with ozone renews the air to make ventilation easier, without thermic loss because of widow opening.

We work with natural illumination, combined with led lights.

We are an office where paper is not used.

The use of laptops, together with additional support screens and a wifi network for all the office allow us to work without the need of printing paper.

We work as a team.Equipo Oficinas Centrales GET

Our employees are organized in teams depending on the working tools and tasks. This has improved the efficiency and productivity of the team.

New working and resting rooms.

The growth of the company during the last years made the existing working rooms very demanded by employees. For this reason, we have created new working spaces and atmospheres for the different types of meetings: Meeting room, Meeting point, Take a breath, Take a break.

Recycling point.

Our office has a complete recycling point so that all the waste and equipment are placed in the appropriate place. We have also eliminated the consumption of water in plastic bottles because we have installed an osmosis system.


They have a special role in our office, not only because they provide a warm atmosphere, but also because they increase the comfortableness of the employees, regulating humidity and contibuting to climate stability.

Work-family life balance. Timetable flexibility.

We offer the possibility to start the working day from 8:30 to 9:30 a.m., for those partners who have children. Besides, we have an intensive working timetable so that our employees can share time with their families and practise different kinds of activities, such as sports.

Gender equality.Oficinas centrales Grupo GET

We bet for equality in our office. For this reason, there is an equal number of men and women, what is more, the direction of the business group, our CEOs are men and women.

Sustainable and ecological transport.

We are the first office in Benidorm in implementing a recharge point for electrical vehicles. Likewise, our employees have parking space for bikes in our terrace. 




One of the last firm bets in the area of Sustainable Development is the installation in our head office of an electric vehicle recharging point, which will mean for the company a change towards the use of a fleet of vehicles that don't produce polluting emissions to the environment. In order to carry out this investment, IVACE has participated, and through the granting of an economic aid amounting to 2,000.00 euros within the "Energy Saving and Efficiency in Transportation (T29)" program, it has meant an additional incentive to bet on a more ecological and healthy environment in the workplace and the company.

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