Since its origins, G.E.T has focused its efforts on being a group that is firmly committed to sustainability. This working philosophy has allowed us to have Environmentally Friendly headquarters, reducing the carbon footprint to 0, as well as increasing our contribution to society through actions with different associations, collectives and institutions.

100% Environmentally Friendly Office

Due to our commitment to innovation and sustainability, G.E.T headquarters has an innovative photovoltaic pergola that has helped to make the offices more efficient, generating savings as well as creating a recreational space for the team.

The installation produces sufficient electricity to meet a large part of the office’s needs, reducing CO2 emissions into the atmosphere by 33%, the equivalent of 294 trees absorbing CO2.

The offices also have a charging point for electric vehicles available to both the team and customers.

Sustainable materials, furnishings and a reduction to zero use of paper

Every detail of the offices has been painstakingly designed for added sustainability, opting to use acoustic insulation in work areas and offices, recycled pressed wood, pillars and perimeter walls of untreated concrete, aerothermal underfloor heating, as well as a forced ventilation system with ozone to renew the air, facilitate ventilation and aeration without thermal losses through the opening of windows.

In addition, natural light is combined with LEDs. And, among other milestones, the implementation of digitalisation has allowed us to take a further step and turn us into a paperless Office. Working with portable equipment has facilitated this milestone, as well as providing greater flexibility by enabling us to combine face-to-face with formulae such as teleworking.

To involve the team in this sustainable commitment, the offices include a complete recycling centre so that all waste and household items are disposed of in the appropriate place. The consumption of bottled water in plastic containers has also been eliminated, thanks to an osmosis system.

A firm commitment to work-life balance and equality

As the Group’s main asset, the company places a special emphasis on promoting measures that facilitate achieving a balance between work and family life. Measures such as flexible working hours, as well as equality between men and women both in our teams and in management positions.

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